I’m currently taking students for the following:

  • Guitar: beginner, intermediate

  • Bass: all levels

  • Ukulele: beginner, intermediate

  • Piano: beginner

  • Digital Audio recording: beginner

  • Music theory: beginner, intermediate

Lessons can be done either online or in person. Lessons are tailored to each individual’s goals with music. All students will get at least some music theory; you gotta learn the language. The ultimate goal is to get you playing to the point where you no longer need me. This won’t mean you will know everything about music, it will mean that you have the skills necessary to continue learning on your own. You will never know everything there is to know about music, which is what makes it a lifetime of fun; there is always something more to learn.

Whether you want to learn by the book or jam by ear, I will help you reach your goals.

Email me at: mike@mikemeaghermusicmaker.com for more info.

In the meantime, check out the
Uke Can Jam Along page if you want to jam.

Everyone Can Make Music

This is important, and many people don't realize this: Everybody has music inside of them and most people do not know how to get it out.

Everybody has a song in their soul, a beat in their heart, and a groove in their step.

All you have to do is learn the language and pick a way to express it (an instrument). If you want to learn about music, and/or learn an instrument, you can, and I can help.

Playing music brings me so much joy; it is a great form of expression and communication.

YOU TOO can communicate through music and experience new levels of joy in your life.

Here are a few reasons why you may not want to take music lessons and my answer to them:

$40/30 mins $75/60 mins

1. You are not interested in taking music lessons.

Ok... thank you for checking out my website. If you are ever looking for something new, come back and let's explore music together.

2. Cost is too high

My rates are cheaper than most. I am a musician that enjoys teaching and am using my knowledge and the ability to spread it as a means of making my living. I also do not believe that lack of funds should prevent anybody from having music in their lives. If the listed prices are an issue, email me and we can come up with something that works and is fair to both of us.

3. It's too hard/I'm too old

It will most definitely be difficult, we are going to ask your fingers to do something they don't normally do. The good news is that it gets easier and opens up a world of fun. You are also NEVER too old to learn an instrument. I believe that as we get older we have more shame around being bad at something. You are not going to be an amazing instrumentalist right from the start; if you were, you wouldn't need me. I offer an extremely safe place to openly be terrible and work with me on getting to where you want to be.

*Prices will vary depending on your location and how far I will have to drive

Help keep music education alive

Money can be a touchy subject for some, especially for those who don't have a whole lot of it. I do believe that music is for everybody no matter what their financial background currently is. I do take students on at discounted rates when I see that they have the passion for music and the only thing holding them back is a lack of money. However, this does have a trickle down effect onto my income; so I can only take so many. This is where YOU may be able to help. If you find yourself in a position to contribute to the scholarship fund, it would help fund discounted lessons and allow me to continue to bring music to everybody. We all need a little help sometime and you could help somebody in need add a little light to their life. Thank you for your consideration. You can donate below. I will also have a store open soon to help fund-raise. Thank you for your support.

  • Sound Healing Instruments: beginner

The store and "official" donation option will take some time to get going. In the meantime, you can send donations through Venmo or PayPal. Thank you for helping to keep music alive!

Venmo: @Mikebass325

PayPal: mike@mikemeaghermusicmaker.com