I'll play ukulele - you bring any instrument you want:

Guitar, bass, piano, your voice!, kazoo, horn, hand claps, snaps, etc. Any instrument will do and ANYBODY can play along!

The idea is to contribute to the sound in some way.

Each video begins by going over a song and chord chart. We'll check out the different parts of the song, and discuss the order in which to play them; then comes the fun part...we play the song together!

It's always more fun to play music with other people, but sometimes there aren't other people around to jam with. Here, you can work on your craft, while I hold down the rhythm. If you find you'd like additional help on your instrument, I am available for lessons- click here to go to lessons page

Welcome to Uke Can Jam Along..... a place where you can join the fun of making music with others (me)!