Sound Healing

What Is Sound Healing?

The most basic definition of sound healing is using sound and vibration as means of healing.

Have you ever left a concert feeling better than when you got there? If you are here on my website, chances are good that you have felt the effects music can have on a person during a live show. This is a very basic example of Sound Healing. Humans are better at expressing positive emotions than negative ones. The negative emotions get stored inside of us, we hold on to the negative energy. Music helps us move that energy around and get rid of it; we can "dance it off". Music helps our bodies relax so they can do what they do best...recover and repair! This barely scratches the surface of what people are doing with sound

As I mentioned in my bio, when the pandemic hit in 2019, live music stopped happening for a while and nobody knew how long this world shut down would last and if a live, in person, concert would ever be a thing again (it's good to be back!). During this time, I went searching for ways to have music continue to be a part of how I make a living. I found a sound healing center called Globe Institute, in Sausalito, Ca, which is a school, a store, a research center and a treatment center. I had been interested in the idea of music therapy but never pursued it; I hadn't really heard much about Sound Healing. I interned at the sound healing center in exchange for classes in sound healing. I received a certificate in Sound Healing from Globe Institute in 2021 and worked at the center until 2022. During this time, I came across many interesting people in the sound healing world. This part of my website is not going to be dedicated to trying to convince people why sound healing works; I am hoping to help show that sound healing exists and share some things I have learned about, and if you find them interesting, you can do your own research and form your own opinion; there is so much information out there, you just need to know where to look.

I am in the process of creating a website to dive deeper into sound healing and other "alternative" ways to heal. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter to receive updates.

I am just as much a sound healer as every person is, even you. Everybody can use sound to heal. Sound healing falls under a broader umbrella of "alternative healing" or "Energy Medicine". If you think about the different types of alternative healing techniques you will notice that they all have to do with our senses. There is light therapy (sight), aroma therapy (scent), massage therapy (I'd put Yoga here to) (touch), herbal medicine (taste), and sound healing (hearing).

It is believed that humans of the past were way more in tune with their bodies, minds and spirituality and were able to work closer with nature to lead happy, healthy lives.

There are a few things to be said about this and how things have changed.

1. Technology continues to evolve and make our lives "easier". The more we rely on technology, the less we rely on ourselves, further distancing our connection to self. Let's look at the GPS as an example. I love my GPS; when I make a wrong turn, it gets me right back on track. I don't need to rely on my sense of direction, which has made it not as strong. A strong sense of direction is pretty handy for survival and we are all relying on something else to do it for us. That is just one modern convenience that has actually cost us more than we realize.

2. The playing field is extremely different. The number of diseases and viruses has continued to increase throughout time. These man made threats often need man made antidotes; for example, antibiotics. We cannot rule out western medicine completely because we no longer live in a world that is completely hospitable for humans. Activity: Do a search online for "biological weapons" and see the terrible things humans have released changing our world forever.

It is important to remember that the alternatives take longer.

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My Relationship With Sound Healing

My Relationship With Sound Healing